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Museums in Baracoa

Matachín Fort Municipal Museum

Ancient Spanish fortress built during the first half of the eighteenth century for the protection of the city from the attacks of corsairs and pirates. In it you will find a brief account of the history of Baracoa, from indigenous cultures to more recent historical facts. It was inaugurated as Municipal Museum on 10th October 1981.

Paradise Cave Archaeological Museum

The Paradise Cave Archaeological Museum is a marvellous facility for lovers of history and archaeology, situated in a colonial ambiance on the second terrace of Seboruco, known as Paradise Heights.

The Paradise Cave Archaeological Museum

The cave was probably formed during the quaternary period; the area in which it is located is rich in remains of our first population.

The cave-museum contains three galleries in which one sees a collection of prints and free-standing petroglyphs from different areas of the region of Baracoa, which bear witness to the cave painter’s art as practiced by our pre-Columbian ancestors. There is also a collection of decorated pottery embellished with beautiful zoomorphic and anthropomorphic drawings, and some ceremonial pots of great archaeological value, for many of them are unique in Cuba. Visitors may also see a representation of a Taino burial with its funerary offerings. Inaugurated as a museum on 24th December 2002.

Veterans’ Centre Museum

Here there is a permanent exhibition based on the history of underground fighters, the struggle against bandits, the rebel and internationalist armies and those who fell in the various internationalist missions in which the people of Baracoa have participated. Inaugurated as a museum in 1992.

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